Merisawaari is a mobile application and digital backend for displaying and tracking privately owned and operated means of transport. Think of it as an uber/ola app where the app and the data are collectively owned by the people who operate the vehicles.

Based on the notion of "collaborative commons" or community owned software frameworks, MeriSawaariis an effort to build a user owned platform of and for drivers. 

The first phase of the project is aimed at the National Captial Region around New Delhi with a focus on Autorickshaws and Taxis, however, there is nothing to prevent the application from extending to other modes of transport and other geographical/political boundaries.


Get informed, Get Connected, Get Educated – The Right Way!

"EKO" app shares information from schools to parents, teachers to parents, school and teachers to students and much more. It is designed in a manner where much can be done with few clicks and thus everyone stays updated as well as rightly informed. Information is useful only when it is direct and not through different channels where it becomes “Chinese whisper”. We all understand the power and value of right information on right time and when we need it. “EKO” is a smart platform and an app which is useful for schools, teachers, students and parents to connect instantly and exchange information. So, thus “sharing leads to caring now”.


Nemo is a Generalized ORM (Object Relationship Mapping) Engine. Nemo makes it possible to create Objects and contain, inherit or associate them with other objects. 

Built using a commerical grade MSSQLSERVER and .Net Technologies, it is hosted on the cloud and forms the backbone of several of our products.  

An expandable set of rest APIs completes the picture. 

Madad Karo Na

Madad Karo Na is a mobile application that uses GPS location to identify help seekers and helpers in the same geographical area. 

Help seekers can put in a request for different categories of help which can be responded to by people who are willing to offer help. 

While this was done in the context of Covid, the dual language app can be configured to any situation where seekers and providers need to interact. 

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