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Nemo provides a flexible and scalable way for creating containments and association between different objects ranging from Users and User Communities to related objects and activities.

We are use it internally for building multi-tenant, extensible Web applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions and hope to release it as a product when the time is right. It currently uses SQLSERVER for a reliable backend and REST APIs provide flexibility. 

We are currently working on porting the DB to PostGres/MySQL.  


Get informed, Get Connected, Get Educated – The Right Way!

"EKO" app shares information from schools to parents, teachers to parents, school and teachers to students and much more. It is designed in a manner where much can be done with few clicks and thus everyone stays updated as well as rightly informed. Information is useful only when it is direct and not through different channels where it becomes “Chinese whisper”. We all understand the power and value of right information on right time and when we need it. “EKO” is a smart platform and an app which is useful for schools, teachers, students and parents to connect instantly and exchange information. So, thus “sharing leads to caring now”.

Madad Karo Na

Our small contribution to the Covid effort.

The application connects people seeking help with  those offering help. Helpers and Help seekers can see each other on a map, and put in or accept requests. 

It provides a backend where people can update their own data/requests. 

Config Manager

Configuration manager is a component that can be integrate into any application very smoothly and manages all kind of configuration. Its very sophisticated and structured component, allows to store not just single key/value pair but configuration with multiple values in order at application's functional level.

User Manager

We have a component called user manager it does what exactly it is named for it manages all kind of users a system can have, registration ,authentication and their  permission settings  as well

Com Manager

Antastic has a product named ComMgr. It is a component that can be easily integrated into your application providing you a reliable communication support for SMS and Email. You just need to configure your SMS gateway or Email settings and you are good to go.