Submitted byanoop on26 May 2020
"Antastic Team first designed and since then maintains the website for our journalism non-profit. At the design stage (and whatever weaks we have made later), Antastic Team was able to understand our needs both in terms of the tech and the philosophy and humanised the whole project instead of giving it a bare and mechanical treatment, holding hands where required. The result is that even the most tech-challenged from our team is able to handle the website with ease. When anybody does have any problems, Antastic team responds swiftly, patiently and with dexterity so that we do not have to spend extra time and effort in meeting our goals. This year, we plan to expand our engagement with Antastic Technologies, knowing that we are in good hands. "
Testimonial job
Treasurer, Foundation of Media Professionals Develop and maintain website for tracking news media
Testimonial Name
Ushinor Majumdar