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Our research focusses on building contextually relevant software solutions.

We come from an understanding that each situation is unique and there is no magical technology that can solve problems. 

Rather,  an understanding of the context is not only relevant but critical in building technically appropriate  solutions.  

In a business environment this means understanding the business  processes and business goals. In the social relam  this means understanding the   enmeshed cultural, economic and political aspects of the situation.  



Our typical approach to combining  research and practice is exemplified by  this project where  a detailed ethmography was  conducted  in collaboration with a local NGO to build  a  technical  solution  (albiet only a prototype). 

Another of our research and practicce interests involves informal workers. 

Here we are working with PG students and Phd researchers from AUD and JNU to build a platform for informal workers. 

The  site is a work in progress and is being maintained by some of the students and researchers



This paper suggests that it is not technological characteristics that make cities "smart|. 

Another way to   look at smart cities that is  the use  of technologies to empower people with appropriate information enablig to make "smart" decisioons

The  paper abstact may be found here